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Sharon and Simon Harwood   Sharon and Simon 

About us

The Drascombe story starts in the early 1960s with John Watkinson, a former Royal Navy officer, building a boat for himself and his family. John's requirements were for a daysailer which was capable of being trailed, safe, but most importantly, it had to be stable (due to Kate, his wifes, tendency to seasickness). John also wanted it to be capable of giving an experienced sailor a lively and exciting sail. The boat that John hand-built in a barn on his farm at Drascombe Barton was inspired by the working boats of England's North-East coast, which themselves can trace an ancestry back to the Vikings.

The first Drascombe Lugger was an immediate success and its obvious commercial potential prompted John to initiate production of the boats in GRP. Over the years more models followed, but all following the original philosophy of safety, robustness, and fun.

Following on from the Lugger, the Dabber, Longboat, Coaster and Gig are still in build today by Churchouse Boats.

Drascombe by Churchouse Boats are proud to be the sole licenced builders of these traditional sailing boats, the company began building them in 2003 and in 2006 added the Drifter 22 to the range of Drascombe boats.

There are may Drascombes worldwide, in the office on the wall we have been marking their whereabouts on a map.

We hope that John will be proud of the quality of workmanship which goes into keeping the tradition going.

Simon and Sharon took over Churchouse Boats in March 2013, and their enthusiasm for the Drascombe boats continue, with their daughters Lauren and Hannah helping on the stands at various boat shows, they can only hope to pass the business down another generation in years to come.

"Put a smile on your face, with a Drascombe boat"