Ex Demo Drascombe Longboat

Ex Demo Drascombe Longboat - Ready to go Drascomb...

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Drascamp 2018

Drascamp 2018 - returns to Poole Harbour Yes - be...

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General Chandlery

The following are only a fraction of the extra's which we can supply to you

  • Bilge pump kits, including service kits for Chimp Mk1, Chimp Mk2 and Compac 50
  • Replacement Drain Plug
  • Nuts, bolts and screws
  • Gel coat repair kit
  • Paints
  • Sail furling gizmo
  • Shroud Telltales
  • Clevis pins
  • Split pins
  • Towing eye (Metric and Imperial)
  • Dropnose pins
  • Anchor Stowage Kit
  • Snap Shackle for both Main and Downhaul
  • "D" Shackles
  • Cabin Window Acrylics
  • Outboard pad bolts