Ex Demo Drascombe Longboat

Ex Demo Drascombe Longboat - Ready to go Drascomb...

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Drascamp 2018

Drascamp 2018 - returns to Poole Harbour Yes - be...

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Overall Covers (Mast Up and Mast Down)

This one is sometimes referred to as the winter cover. It fits over the gunwhale cappings & down the sides by a few inches. It thus protects all the woodwork. It is secured by cords that are supplied with the cover which tie under the boat. Because of this, it cannot be used whilst on a mooring. Some people rig mast crutches to use the mast as a ridge pole. Others go for elaborate strong-back arrangements.

As the last one but with a collar to fit round the main mast & cut-outs to go round the shrouds & forestay.