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Sharon and Simon Harwood  

Sharon and Simon 

About us

 Sharon Geary-Harwood - Owner and Managing Director

Sharon is a busy mother of two and grandmother to Kyle, who started work at CBL assisting Stewart Brown in the office. Upon buying the business, Sharon took over the front of house role and has quickly become the public face of Drascombe. She enjoys meeting customers and suppliers. She has set herself the goal of learning to sail and enjoys her time out on the water.

In 2015, Sharon set out to find the very first Drascombe Lugger 'Katharine Mary', upon doing so, her two daughters then purchased her. Once found, Sharon then set out to make 2017 a special year for Drascombe being 50, this has been well received by sailing magazines.

Sharon can be found on the Drascombe stand at the major boat shows and has appeared on several radio and television broadcasts covering the small boat business and women in business.


Simon Harwood - Production Director

Simon has worked at Drascombe since 2003 learning the trade and skills alongside Stewart Brown. As a result he has a vast amount of knowledge and experience of all things Drascombe. He undertakes and oversees the production of new boats building over 200 Drascombes in this time. He also undertakes the refurbishment of customers craft and brokerage boats.  He is always on hand for customer queries, helping them get the best from their boats.

In the Drascombe Golden Jubilee year the Churchouse Boats team totally refurbished the very first Drascombe Lugger to be built, 50 years ago - 'Katharine Mary'' which was much admired on the 2017 London Boat Show stand and was out on the water at the Golden Jubilee celebrations held in Weymouth.


Jamie Kerkhoff - Sales/Brokerage and Production support

Jamie has been at Drascombe for just over a year and splits his time between assisting Sharon in the office and Simon in the workshop. A keen sportsman and a fast learner he adds youth to the experience. If Sharon doesn't answer the phone you will find yourself talking to Jamie which with the knowledge he has learnt throughout the different jobs that he has done here at Chruchouse Boats, he will be able to help you with any question asked. He is very enthusiastic and prides himself on being the link between the front office and the production and refurbishment work.