Drascombe Drifter 22 012 Year 2007

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Drascombe Owners Club

We are pleased to announce the new Drascombe Owners Club....

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News / Drascamp 2018

Drascamp 2018

Yes - between the 13th and 19th August 2018 we will be back at Cleavel Point on the south side of Poole Harbour for a week of fun.

Ideal for families who want to sail, camp, walk and cycle in this beautiful area of the harbour. With many local attractions such as Corfe Castle and Lulworth Cove on the doorstep there is something for everyone.

For details contact Sharon  - [email protected]

This event represents the ethos of Drascombing regardless of the make and model of your boat
The overriding aim is to increase the involvement of children and young adults as part of family groups