Drascombe Drifter 22 012 Year 2007

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Drascombe Owners Club

We are pleased to announce the new Drascombe Owners Club....

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Drascombe Drifter 22 029 Year 2010


Hull:      Steel blue, RAL 5011 with white bootop

Decks:   Light Ivory, RAL 1015

Never antifoulled.

Very recently given TLC, buffed & polished.


A boat with all the usual Drifter 22 attributes plus a myriad of extra mods.


She has been extensively trailed & sailed single-handed. All prepped, tweaked & ready to continue


Gear included:

Sprayhood, burgundy.

 Tent, burgundy.

Custom made sectional poles.


Custom made, white polytarp.

 Additional flat polytarp for sun-shade or whatever.

 Binnacle fitted with jibsheet winch & compass.

 Bronze forward portlight.

 7 Fenders. 6 are fitted with lines & QR snap hooks to fit deck eyes on cabin/coaming.


Mooring lines. 2 long bow lines, 2 medium stern lines, additional long line for extra spring, centre line from jib-winch for early attachment when coming alongside. All have spliced eyes on bitter end.


Primary anchor, 10kg. Kedge anchor, 5kg. Both are galvanised plough with stainless steel chain (lovely to handle, very tactile). 30 metre warp on main anchor, shackles to eye on samson post.


Mast crutch (into mizzen step, Drascombe style). Boom/yard crutch (scissor legs style) for Summer boatyard use when mast is up.


Telescopic galvanised steel drifter lifter for single-handed mast raising & lowering.


Stainless steel BBQ which hangs on the cockpit coaming & folds away for tidy stowage.


There is a hot shower in the cockpit. A 15 litre SS shower kettle is put onto the stove & connected to a hose which runs through to the Port aft cockpit locker where there is a shower pump, hose & portable shower head. The water temperature is raised to 40 Degrees (there is a thermometer built into the kettle), then switched off. Pressing the trigger on the shower head supplies pure joy. The cockpit is self draining!


Yellow horseshoe buoy.


Cabin fit-out:


Bunk cushions with infills to create king-sized double vee berth.


The infill cushions can be moved into the cockpit for comfortable seating.


One infill board goes out onto the binnacle as a cockpit table, fully fiddled & secured. The second infill board is sized to raise in the cabin for inside dining but would need a tubular pedestal to achieve that.


The cabin roof & sides are lined with foam-backed vinyl.


There is a galley unit on the Port side with SS sink, which discharges overboard, & manual water pump alongside a cooker platform with SS single burner gas stove (which can be taken out into the cockpit for al fresco dining.)


Two, 10 litre food-grade jerrycans in Port Fwd cockpit locker


There is a small wind-break ring that fits over the cooker pan support if used outside, stowed in the Stbd Fwd cockpit locker together with a griddle pan. Very effective at retaining heat.


A copper gaspipe runs from the dedicated aft-deck gas locker if a more traditional/permanent installation is required.


Under the cooker platform is stowage for crockery & utensils.


Demountable HW fiddle to keep cooker & kettle in place when sailing.


There is a joinery unit on the Stbd side which houses a full compressor-driven fridge of about 45 litres (for which the compressor is in the Stbd Fwd cockpit locker). Alongside that is a cavernous stowage locker.


Aft of these units, each side, is a stowage shelf with padded front for comfortable, full sitting head-room, seating.


On the Fwd bulkhead is a dedicated spectacles shelf.


The sole boards are mock planking.


There is a large stowage area under the cockpit sole, with closure panel, in which is a Portapotti which pulls out for use.


There is room alongside for dustbin, boathook, fishing rods, whisker poles, etc.


There is stowage under the bunks, each side has two 9 litre RUB’s which stow tidily.


There is an electrical panel on the Stbd aft bulkhead housing the main isolating switch, a 12v power socket & two switch panels.


Cabin electrics include:


Two reading lights with LEDs. One roof mounted light, halogen.


There is also a 13A socket (for fan heater & electric blanket) when shore-power is available.


There is a portable chart holder & a variety of charts.



Electrics & instruments:

230 Ah advanced gel mat battery, new in 2013.


Full NASA Clipper BM1 battery management instrument in cabin.


On-board Mobitronic battery charger.


Shore power line.


A Silva instrument set is fitted comprising Echo sounder, Log, Wind strength/direction (driven by a wireless antenna with solar charging).


Raytheon ST1000 Autohelm.


Red/Green/White navigation lights on cabin sides & transom.


Masthead all round White steaming or anchor light.


Handheld VHF Icom I31. Charging cradles & cables for both 12v & 240v




She is fitted with a copy of the prototype rig with a longer mainmast & larger sail plan.


Roller furling luffspar.


The mainsail has been recut so she is not quite gunter (to allow the sail to be better tensioned/shaped).


The yard has a twin halyard system with SS bridle


A boom is fitted, with lazyjacks. Custom mainsheet arrangement.


A mainsail track is let into the mast (using nylon sailslugs) & a custom designed gaff jaw also utilizes this.


The boom is fitted with a custom designed gooseneck which allows yard, boom & sail to be stowed against the mast for lowering when trailing.


Plenty of halyard clutches fitted!


A custom built gooseneck is fitted to the mizzen boom.


Blocks & cleats are fitted for mizzen dowsing, though lines are not rigged.


The mizzen carries a custom-made SS swivelling ensign staff ( with large chocolate on custard cross ensign).


There is a two-piece whisker pole for the jib.


Sails valeted February 2018.


A red ensign & staff fit a SS socket in the transom.


There is a Port-side SS wire jack stay & a SS boarding ladder on the transom.




S/N: 60R/1027933

2011 Yamaha 8hp standard shaft. Remote tank. Sailpower prop.

Serviced April 2018. Impellor replaced. New charging coils.


Two spare 5 litre fuel cans.


Custom designed outboard lock.


Battery powered electronic alarm (Very sensitive!).




CBL/Samspeed twin axle, plated for 1800kg.

Designed specifically for the Drifter 22.

Galvanised. Twin swinging cradles. Two speed winch. Back-winching eye. Hitch lock. Lighting board on extending brackets. Spare wheel.

 She Has 2 New Axles and 4 new wheels and tyres

Electric winch on its own stem post, quickly interchangeable with the manual one. Remote switching & cabling. Adequate but with little surplus capacity.


Primary & bow Spansets.


Single handed launch/recovery is perfectly feasible


Other covers:


Spar stocks & spar socks for towing.


Overall winter cover. Heavy polytarp. Getting tired.


Summer boatyard cover, over-boom when mast is up. Custom built from polytarp. Getting tired.


Price: SOLD