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Drascombe Sailability Boats

Either the Drascombe Longboat or the Drascombe Lugger are suitable for Sailability, Outdoor Education/Activity Centres and Scout Groups.

As you already know, there are many good reasons why Drascombes to the standard specifications are extremely suitable for use by people with disabilities. Even so, in building several boats for this specialist use & working with the facilitators, we have assembled a schedule of possible modifications to either enhance the accessibility of sailing for people with disabilities or increase their enjoyment of sailing. 

 These include:

  • Additional hard points fitted down the side benches to allow village hall type chairs to be fitted, giving back support/stability to those that require it.
  • Colour coding the sheets for easy recognition/instruction.
  • Fitting a substantial tiller extension, allowing grip by insensitive hands.
  • Fitting snap shackles with cord tails whipped on to make them easier to handle than traditional shackles & knots.
  • Fitting a mizzen boom & brailing line to make it simpler to handle that sail.
  • Additional thwarts may be fitted to allow occupants to manoeuvre around the boat without use of legs.
  • drop, cream or white sails stand out better & are more easily distinguished by people with visual impairment in adjacent boats.              
  • In the Longboat & Gig, there is sufficient space aft of the centreplate  casing to install Unwin wheelchair tracks & tie down straps (as are used in vehicle conversions). This enables a wheelchair to be constrained  & for the occupant to helm the boat.                                 
  • We have also fitted simple electrics & an autopilot that can be linked to a powered wheelchair type joystick for ease of steering.


In recognition of the work done by the facilitators, to contribute in some small way to their efforts & to encourage those with disabilities to extend their achievements, we will add the first seven times free of charge, there will be a charge for the the wheelchair tracks and the electrics.

Prices available on application