Drascombe Owners Club

We are pleased to announce the new Drascombe Owners Club....

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Drascombe Insurance Scheme

We are now able to offer you a discount on your Drascombe...

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Full Brokerage

Full brokerage is available from our yard. Most brokers will quote you a % commission and simply offer your boat for sale in the condition you present it to them in. Because a very strong element of our business is refurbishment, we like to approach selling your boat in a different way that will make it attractive to a wider range of potential buyers.

We will market your boat for sale either as it stands or fully refurbished as a ‘new boat with experience’ or any stage in between that suits the buyer. The selling price will be agreed with the buyer accordingly. We also give a warranty with our fully refurbished boats; an added attraction to the buyer. Thus you will appreciate that quoting a % fee is inappropriate. Our way is to pre-agree with you a bottom line target price that you will receive for your boat. If required, we will also collect your boat from you. Further information and specimen agreements can be provided on request. We do receive a large number of enquiries from people who wish to deal with a Company to do a one-stop buying trip and, as a result, we often achieve quick turnarounds at premium prices.

You have no commitment until we have taken a deposit on your boat & can withdraw at any time without liability except for the collection charge, if incurred.