Drascombe Owners Club

We are pleased to announce the new Drascombe Owners Club....

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Drascombe Insurance Scheme

We are now able to offer you a discount on your Drascombe...

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Materials and Colour Choices

Like with all things Drascombe, we like to give you a choice.

We have three material options.


This is a heavy duty PVC on Polyester, which is easy to wipe down and keep clean.

The colour choices are Red, White or Blue

Acrylic Canvas - at an extra cost


This is aesthetically pleasing as it has the surface texture of canvas rather than PVC, is durable but not so easy to keep clean.

The colour choices are Oyster, White, Burgundy and Navy.

Weathermax 80 - same price as Acrylic Canvas

This is a new material to us, and we are pleased with the look and feel of it. The Weathermax 80 has several benefits over the Acrylic Canvas, it is lighter to handle, more flexible when taking off and putting on your boat, has a UP Factor of 50 and mildew resistant, so would be ideal for sprayhoods and tents.

The colour choices are Forest Green, Navy, White and Beige. Burgundy is available at a sur-charge of £50.00

The life-span of each is much the same.