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We are pleased to announce the new Drascombe Owners Club....

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Drascombe Insurance Scheme

We are now able to offer you a discount on your Drascombe...

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Refurbish your Drascombe

Winter Service and Refurbishment

Some owners enjoy tinkering with their Drascombe over the winter months, however, at Drascombe by Churchouse Boats we offer a refurbishment service.
We concentrate wholly on Drascombes, have the techniques, knowledge and specialist kit (some of our own invention & development) to carry out work efficiently & competitively.
If you bring your boat into our yard, we will note your requirements, inspect her & produce a 'priced menu' of the work either necessary or desirable. Mostly, these will be quotations (fixed prices) but occasionally estimates (for guidance). You can then decide which are to be carried out & we will press on with them.
This can be carried out at any time of the year but you may like to take advantage of our Winter Service:
At the end of the season you can deliver your boat to our yard, or we can collect it from you at reasonable cost.
Storage over the winter is free if you spend £1,000 pre-VAT.
Some of the work which we can offer you includes

  • Gelcoat repairs to hull & deck, deep cleaning & polishing of hull and topsides
  • Preparing and re-antifouling
  • Cleaning & repainting bilges
  • Sanding of hull joinery to bare and applying a treatment of your choice
  • Stripping and re-varnishing spars
  • Sails examined and serviced by our sail maker, sheets & halyards laundered/replaced (additional cost apply)
  • Engine run up in fresh water, serviced by an agent if required (additional cost apply)
  • Trailer bearings, suspension and jockey wheel are checked (Full Service at additional cost)
  • Any alteration and or modification as you desire

The list could be never ending; however, we would look at your Drascombe, speak to you about what work you would like see completed, and work around your budget.
On the agreed date, we present your boat clean & ready for your pleasurable use.
There can be no easier, time & cost effective way to enjoy your Drascombe sailing.
One thing we do ask is that you book your Drascombe in for work in plenty of time, so not to be waiting at the start of the sailing season for your boat, remember, we do also build new Drascombes, so our diary can get busy.

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