Drascombe Owners Club

We are pleased to announce the new Drascombe Owners Club....

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Drascombe Insurance Scheme

We are now able to offer you a discount on your Drascombe...

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Drascombe Curved Tilller

Spares and Accessories

What we are able to provide is spares and accessories for ALL versions of the Drascombe range, so if you have an early Mk1 Lugger, we are able to give you advice and expert help with spars and sails.

We can supply any of the following, plus a whole host of additional extras, often straight from stock.

We can offer you a full range of new spares and replacements for all Drascombes.

Let us know what you want and we will happily quote you.

Churchouse Boats have also created a range of items to improve your enjoyment of your treasured craft. 

Unsure of the age of your Drascombe, then give us a call and we will try and advise you, even if you have no hull or HIN number, then we can usually give an indication of the year.



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