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Storing Sails and Engines


Taking the mainsail off the gaff & the mizzen off it’s mast each time is a bit of a time consuming nuisance. There is no elegant & simple solution to this but rolling them around their spars & having some sleeves made up to protect them is about the best you can do. Alternatively, tow with your cockpit cover on fitted over the spars & under the Spanset.

If you tow with an overall cover on, put the primary Spanset under it to prevent chafe between webbing & spars which will considerably shorten the life of tour cover.


Tying down a Coaster can be a bit simpler.

The mainmast lowers down into it’s crutch with the luffspar alongside it.

Tie the mast down at the crutch with a rope from one aft mooring cleat, up & round the mast a turn & back down to the other mooring cleat. use the free end to capture the traveller ring.

The other spars & sails can be put into the cabin, leaving out the lower washboard, & tying them down using the centreplate uphaul rope & some padding to stop the companionway threshold biting into anything.

The drawback of this system is possible water ingress into the cabin & general loss of security for which we offer an elegant solution. We can supply spar stocks to replace the lower washboard which will cosset your spars & oars each in their individual, leather lined cradle. We also have sail socks - a pair of short sleeves (in white washable fabric with Drascombe logo) to fit over spar & sail to protect the length exposed beyond the cabin. This keeps the spars & sails safe, keeps water out of the cabin & allows the hatch to be locked for security.

If you are the proud owner/user of a Churchouse Boats rudder stowage gizmo, you may also tow with the rudder in place, supported on it's gizmo, provided that you securely tie the tiller to the mast. Not having to wrestle with the malevolent monster is a big plus!


Some people insist on taking the engine off each time & stowing it on the floorboards at the front end or even in the tow vehicle. I am far too lazy for that! Lash the engine leg to the transom so you are not relying on the engine’s own mechanical tilt lock & don’t forget to cover the prop with a decent bag or sailing bucket. I have an eye bolted to the inside of my transom. The drawstring of the bag that covers the prop ties up to it to act as lashing.