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Drascombe Insurance Scheme

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Used Boats

These have always been a speciality of Churchouse Boats.

We understand that not everyone can afford a new Drascombe, but that doesn't mean you have to accept reduced standards or joy of ownership.

Drascombes are enduring craft. They are extremely durable, exempt from ‘model obsolescence’ and sell on condition as much as age. However, they are boats and exist in a harsh environment. Therefore, every now and then they need a good strip down & comprehensive refurbishment.

Our pre-owned boats may be refurbished stem to stern to give you a ‘new boat with experience’. This involves, as required:

  • Gelcoat repairs to hull & deck, deep cleaning & polishing of hull and topsides
    Cleaning & repainting bilges
    Removal of Teak, sanding to bare and applying a high-tech treatment to maintain finish
    Stripping and re-varnishing spars from bare timber
    Sails examined and serviced by our sailmaker, sheets & halyards laundered/replaced
    Engine run up in fresh water, serviced by agent for make if required.
    Trailer bearings, suspension and jockey wheel are checked.
    The benefit to you is a warranted, fully functioning Drascombe in the peak of condition for her age. We can also incorporate modifications and equipment to suit your wishes and needs. We do not usually refurbish a boat until sold. In that way you are able to see the boat in its pre-existing condition and agree a price on a specification to meet your needs and standards, although these cannot be below our minimum standards as we are giving you a years warranty and want our good reputation to be sustained. Your deposit is regarded only as an expression of intent to purchase and is fully refundable if the end product fails to meet your expectations on final inspection. Churchouse refurbished boats are well known & regarded in Drascombe circles.
    Alternatively, any of the pre-owned boats can be purchased either as they stand, or somewhere in between there & fully refurbished to suit your budget, skills & time available. Do not underestimate the time involved. Anything to do with a boat can take twice as long to achieve as you ever imagined and the British sailing season is quite short!

On occasions, for a modest fee, we undertake inspections of boats on behalf of purchasers; this may save you a lot time. Drascombe owners are no different from others.

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